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Facilities and Fleet Department



Building Operations

The Building Operations Division is the “Behind the Scenes” team, providing maintenance services for most County facilities.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Division, upon request, provides vehicles to all County agencies and departments.

Real Estate Management

The Property Management Division is responsible for the acquisition, leasing, management, valuation (appraisal), office surveying/mapping, and sale of County property.


The Sustainability team plans, evaluates and administers energy management and various sustainability programs within FAF operations.

Capital Planning

FAF-Planning is responsible for sustainable, resilient, proactive and effective planning, scoping and budgeting of County’s capital, space and infrastructure needs.

Capital Programs

The Planning, Design & Construction Division supports County departmental growth, through extensive collaboration, to determine short and long-term goals.


The Administrative Division provides organizational support that allows FAF’s divisions to operate effectively and efficiently.